Hammerite Mission Development Kit

Organized by: Yandros (Russ Robbins)
Website: The Weary Taffer - TTLG Profile

Version: 1.0
Release: July 15, 2007

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What is the HMDK?

The HMDK is a collection of Thief 2 resources related to the Hammerites, a faction of religious zealots which played an integral role in the story of Thief 1, but were all but absent in Thief 2.

Why did you make it?

Because of their absence in the Thief 2 story, most of the Hammer resources from Thief 1 were removed from the stock resources in Thief 2. This Kit does much more than restore those T1 resources, however; it expands on them greatly, improving some textures, borrowing much of the Hammer content from Rob Hickís Dromed Deluxe package, incorporating additional voices from Thief 3, and also bringing in some new custom content by Yandros and other members of the Dromed community.

How do I use it?

I highly recommend setting up a separate T2 install and then just unzipping the HMDK into that folder so you can load the preview mission and browse the resources easily. As you decide to use content in your own mission, simply copy over the files youíre using to the install folder where youíre working on your mission. If you donít know how to set up multiple Thief installs efficiently, check out this thread:
Nameless Voice's technique for efficient multiple Thief installations

When you extract the Kit into a T2 folder, you should overwrite three files in their Schema folder if prompted: Speech.spc, EnvSound.spc, and hits.sch. You should have all the default T2 schemas (or Telliamed's patched version) in place before extracting HMDK, or else don't overwrite these three when you extract the T2 schemas after extracting the HMDK.

Note that there is some work for you to do to bring the new male voices into your mission, as they are not in the HMDK gamesys included in this package (see below for why).

How do I know what files are needed for each archetype?

Use these tables to know which files are needed from each folder for a particular archetype in the Gamesys.
You should also read the appropriate section below to learn if any extra steps are needed (like loading voice schemas into the gamesys).



The centerpiece of the HMDK is the huge variety of new AI available - enough to populate an entire Hammer compound and have every AI with a different skin if you want! Here is a complete breakdown:

AI Type Male Female Haunt
Infantry (soldiers) 6 3 2
Officers 3 (general, captain, sergeant) 2 (captain, sergeant) 4 (lord, general, captain, sergeant)
Clergy 4 priests 2 priestesses 2
High Clergy 2 (High Priest + Inquisitor) 0 0
Novices 4 2 0
Archer 4 2 1
Crossbow 2 2 1
Sword 4 2 2
Zombies (most with weapons!) 7 (soldier, priest, archer, xbow, sword, 2 unarmed)
Apparitions 4 (Brother Murus + 3 clergy)
Hammer robot 1

Some AI features -

Click here for usage instructions.
Click here for a table of what resources are used by each AI archetype.


Supporting the new AI are six new male voice sets: five ported from Thief 1 and Thief 3, and one by Don Willadsen. See usage instructions below for getting them into your mission; they're not in the HMDK gamesys by default for several reasons:

The female voices were crafted by Rob Hicks for DEDx, and draw from the neutral voice lines from the female Mechs (no references to Karras, etc.)
From DEDx is also the Haunt2 voice set for variety among the undead (they are backmasked versions of the original voices).
Also, the full Murus voice set is included from Thief 1 in case you want to remake Return To The Cathedral!
Finally, if you use the zombies, consider downloading my Thief 3 Zombie Voice Pack, which is a port of the great new zombie voice set from T3.
Click here for usage instructions.


You'll find a modest assortment of new objects to use in your Hammer-themed mission - books and parchments (including matching book art), new banners, shields, two doors, and wall decals.
Click here for usage instructions.
Click here for a table of what resources are used by each object archetype.


A small family of new rug textures, plus one new blue stained glass texture.
Click here for usage instructions.

Player Arms

Player arms skinned with hammer clothing with every standard weapon, so you can make Undercover-style missions! Plus a new hammer arm in both normal and Hammer-skinned varieties.
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Click here for a table of what resources are used by each object archetype.

Preview Mission

After installing the HMDK to a fresh Thief install folder (recommended, see above), just open up HMDKPreview.cow in Dromed and walk around. All AI have the M-FrontGateGuard metaproperty, which means you can walk all around them and admire them safely, or threaten them with a weapon and they'll attack, allowing you to experience combat to hear the voices and see missile weapons in action. You can frob books and parchments to see the book art, slash banners to see them flinderize, or just have fun luring the Hammers into the undead end of the mission and setting up a big battle!

Note: You have to use the weapon cycling keys (Next Weapon, Previous Weapon - check your keybinds) to get to the sword, as it's in the same slot as the hammer. The only way to avoid this in your own mission is to give the player the hammer instead of the sword, or take one away when they find the other.

HMDK Gamesys

The HMDK gamesys is slightly different from the one in the Preview mission. The first primary difference is that in the Preview mission, all AI have the M-FrontGateGuard metaproperty so you can walk around without being assaulted; in the HMDK gamesys, hmdk.gam, they do not, since in most missions made with the Kit, the AI will be enemies of the player. The other difference is that in the Preview mission, all the male Hammer voices are loaded, while in hmdk.gam they are not (to save on IDs - see instructions below on how to selectively load the voices you want).

It is recommended that you use the hmdk.gam gamesys in making your own mission, unless you understand how to manage the differences present in the Preview mission's gamesys.

Click here for usage instructions.


Using AI

Simply get all the right files into \mesh (.bin and .cal), \mesh\txt16 (textures) and \obj (carry pics), and create what you want from the object hierarchy. Click here for a table of what resources are used by each object archetype.


Loading Voices

Here's what you need to do to get the male Hammer voices loaded into your mission. Be certain of which ones you want before doing so (unless you don't save, for instance if you just want to hear them in action), as it's very tedious to remove the unused schemas from the gamesys later if you need to free up some abstract IDs. Note that this section only applies to the new male Hammer voices; all other HMDK voices are already in the gamesys.

  1. Decide which voices you want to load - you can preview them by going into the subfolders of \snd and listening to the WAV files in any media player program.
  2. For the purposes of this example, let's say you want to load Hammer2, Hammer 4 and Hammer5.
  3. First, you'll need to include the Hammer2, Hammer4 and Hammer5 subfolders of \snd in your mission. If you're using multiple Thief installs, copy them to the install folder for the mission you're working on from the HMDK install folder.
  4. Next, go to your \schema folder. You should have all the default T2 schemas in there before proceeding. If you don't have them, you can get a version with a few updates from Telliamed's Thief Tech site.
  5. In the schema folder, you should see files named Hammer2.blah, Hammer3.blah, ... Hammer6.blah. These are the HMDK schema files for those Hammer voices, but with bogus extensions to prevent you from unwittingly loading them into your gamesys. Change the extension of the ones you want to load to .sch, so for our example we'll change three filenames to Hammer2.sch, Hammer4.sch and Hammer5.sch.
  6. Now, open the Speech.spc file (in Notepad or any text editor; I highly recommend Notepad++). About two-thirds of the way down, find a section labelled "Male Hammers archetype". Below you will see the voices for vhammer2 - vhammer7 but they are commented out. Remove the "//" from the beginning of both lines having to do with each voice you are using. For example, the two lines for Hammer2 should look like this:
    voice vhammer2 //hm2 Hammer2 from THIEF1 -male
    archetype vhammen
  7. Now do the same for the lines for Hammer4 and Hammer5 (in our example - yours will probably be different).
  8. Finally, open your mission in Dromed. In the console window, type reload_schemas.
  9. Save your gamesys, or save as a .cow file. That's it!

Note on Hammer7:

Although Don W.'s voice acting is superb, the sound quality of the files isn't optimal. The test team and I agreed not to include Hammer7 under the vhammen voice archetype by default, to avoid having the lesser audio quality break immersion for the player. What this means is that even if you load the Hammer7 voice and schemas following the directions above, no male hammers will get it by default.

You have two choices for making use of it (after making the changes outlined above for Hammer7, and doing reload_schemas to load it into your gamesys, of course):

  1. Manually assign the voice to an individual AI. To do this, on the AI add the property Speech > Voice, and change the default value, which should be vhammen if it's a male Hammerite, to vhammer7.
  2. If you want it to be used randomly by all male Hammerites, simply add the red line below to the Speech.spc file and then reload_schemas:
    voice vhammer7 //hm7 New hammer voice by Don Willadsen -male
    archetype vhammen

Note that vhammer7 is used in the HMDK Preview mission, however, so that you can easily hear it in game.


Using Objects (non-books)

Simply get all the right files into \obj and \obj\txt16, and create what you want from the object hierarchy.

Where to find them in the object hierarchy:

Banners Decorative > Banners > HamBanners
Shields Weapon > Shields
Doors Under TerrainLike > Door > spinny_door > Door3.5x7 find HamMetDoor > HamMetDoor2 and D3.5x7Wood > door_ham_insign > HamWoodDoor
Decals Decorative > Decals

Click here for a table of what resources are used by each object archetype.

Using Books and Notes

You will find two different notes (with and without writing on the texture) and two different books (each available in four states of being open or closed) under Household > Scroll and Household > Book, respectively.

If you are using the corresponding custom book art (i.e. having the player read in book mode, as opposed to only displaying the text on screen), you also need to be sure to include the entire folder under \books which is named the same as the Book > Art property on each of the notes and books which you're using.

Using Textures

Just load the BlueSG or hamrug family and use the textures as you would those in any other texture family.
If you use the HMDK gamesys, the textures will already be in the right sound group in the Texture hierarchy. If you use a different gamesys, you'll need to manually drag the textures (under Textures in the object hierarchy) into the right sound folder; all the rugs should probably go under CarpetTex, and the window under GlassTex. You'll have to save and include the gamesys with your mission in that case.

Using Player Arms

The Hammerite-skinned player arms are drop-in replacements for the original textures. Simply drop in the textures for the arms you're using in your mission and Garrett will be wearing a Hammer disguise! Don't forget the carry arm texture (handcar2.gif) to make sure the arm is reskinned when you pick up a dead or KO'd AI.

To use the new Hammer-wielding arms, just put the appropriate files in place and create the one you want the player to use (regular or Hammerite-skinned). See the dependency tables for a list of the files used by each.

If you need to be able to use both normal and Hammer-skinned player arms in your mission (if, for example, it's a multi-mission campaign and Garrett is only undercover in one mission, or it's a single mission where Garrett is only undercover part of the time), you can do it using Nameless Voice's custom scripts and the instructions in this thread at TTLG.

Important Notes on Player Arms

Using the HMDK Gamesys

When you are ready to import the HMDK gamesys into your mission, simply do the following:

Credits (alphabetical)

Testing: Nameless Voice, R Soul, Sliptip, Brother Renault

Contributor Work
dlw6 (Don Willadsen) Hammer voice set (Hammer7)
John D. Blue hammer stained glass window (from Burglary in Blackbrook for T2)
Nameless Voice Several AI fixes and modifications, Hammer Doors (from the Enhancement Pack), much advice
R Soul Player hammer arm, great advice during testing
Rob Hicks Numerous meshes and skins, female Hammer schemas, Haunt2 voices and schema
Schwaa Crossbowman
Sluggs Swordswoman
snakehunt3r Tweaks to soldier skins
Targa Base scroll texture
Wille HighPriest and Inquisitor skins
Yandros Everything else

If you contributed something which is not credited here, please email me and I will correct it.


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